Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Active Retirement Communities for Austin Seniors and Austin Empty-Nesters

Introducing Ron Jordan with Keller Williams Realty, helping seniors locate a home in an active lifestyle community!
Is the senior or elder in your family seeking to leave their "family" neighborhood looking to transition to an active senior lifestyle and community in North Austin, Georgetown, or Round Rock? If so, call Ron Jordan, the Senior Real Estate Specialist for the North Greater Austin area. See his contact information below.

Ron Jordan is a senior himself! He retired from 3M and decided to help seniors find active communities that match their lifestyle. Many seniors find themselves moving to Austin to be closer to adult children or simply wanting to transition from existing family neighborhoods to an active senior lifestyle. In either case, Ron Jordan can help seniors find an active retirement community.

Typically, Ron says, when looking for a senior community, the criteria list is:

1. A community that's designed for empty nesters.
2. Quieter neighborhoods.
3. Available activities such as golfing, arts & crafts, card games, and other outside activities.
4. Planned group day trips.
5. Cooking classes.
6. Other senior activities and classes.

Most buyers learn that when reaching the age of 65, their property taxes are frozen and can no longer increase due to tax appraisals. And of course, like most taxpayers, seniors continue to qualify for the homestead tax exemption.

Ron Jordan enjoys serving the retired market because he understands the retiree's lifestyle and housing requirements. Please call Ron Jordan, Keller Williams Realty, at 512-439-3630 or visit Ron's website at

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reverse Mortgage for Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio Texas - Is it right for you?

Robert (Bob) Heckler with Cornerstone Mortgage gave us some clear definitions of Reverse Mortgages; what it is, why you would choose one, and what's the best scenario for getting one, and when it is not!

Just the other day when researching the topic of reverse mortgages I ran across an interview of a 65 year old widow, her home is paid but wanted extra money to do special things. While I agree it's nice to have extra money for emergencies or the rising cost of health care, the lady interviewed talked about taking a cruise, visiting a friend in another state, taking another 3 week vacation, and getting manicures!

Well, as I expected my conservative nature to be bothered by this spending spree, I asked the Texas Elder Care Reverse Mortgage expert, Robert (Bob) Heckler, his opinion. Of course he too found it extravagant... and said that it's not a good idea to use our nest egg on frivolous expenditures.

Bob has great advice for those of you "thinking" about creating avenues of retirement income if over the age of 62. You have other options. Look at all of them. I'm so impressed with Bob's knowledge, advice, and patience with me (when asking dumb questions), but he took all my questions to heart knowing they are valid.

That's what I like about Bob; he's down to earth and grounded. I really trust his advice. He works with a lot of younger and not so young seniors all over Texas. And watching him talk with them is amazing. His intention is very clear in helping them out and finding the best solution.

Listen to our conversation - I know you'll learn a lot even if you're not in the market for a reverse mortgage.

I'm sure you'll find Bob's information valuable. Please forward this blog newsletter to anyone thinking about a reverse mortgage!

Other things Bob says to consider when evaluating reverse mortgages:

Ten Things To Know About Reverse Mortgages

If you'd like to talk with Bob Heckler, Cornerstone Mortgage, he can be reached at 1-888-268-7481 or visit his information website at

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Texas Women Caregiver and Financial Liberty in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio

Introducing John Berlet with Boomers Advisory Group, Financial Services. Did you know that women place a higher value on time than they do on money? Or that women's increasingly complex lives are creating a core need for multifunctional products? It is estimated that 58% of 54 million working family caregivers are women.

Women are staying single for longer, and earning enough to indulge themselves during the "Freedom Years", creating a new and valuable target market. Greater levels of tertiary education are creating a better-educated, richer and more demanding female consumer base.

Time is often the most valuable resource women have - more valuable on occasion than money. But let's talk about women and money! In most cases we put other's needs before our own; our children, spouces, and aging relatives!

Let's address caring for our parents - that's the one that kicked me a bit financially and many other women too. First, we worry something awful about our parents when they're older and living alone. We want to spend more time with them to help 'em out.

For me, that was a huge challenge. So much so, I took a part time job to help out mom and her congested heart treatment agenda. That was very time consuming; traveling to doctor offices, medical clinics, and making sure she was following the rigid regimen.

Most women do what I did:
Take on the resonsibility of caring for our parents
Leaving our job
Losing out on our retirement savings, etc.

John Berlet gives some very good advice to us on Texas women and all women across the U.S to insure our financial stability:

Make sure you have adequate income for your personal needs, which means - put on paper a list of monthly expenses. With this list, you now can easily determine how much of your savings are required for income

Remaining investments can be allocated to growth in your estate

Confide in someone you trust and show your total situation - statements and bank accounts and insurance policies. Seeing the whole picture is a good place to start when asking for advice

For more information or to personally ask John Berlet a question about your personal situation go to the WorkingCaregiver Directory and search for Financial Services. Or simply call John Berlet with Boomer's Advisory Group at 512-345-6400 or visit his website at

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