Friday, June 13, 2008

ELDR Publisher & CEO on Celebrating Aging

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Introducing ELDR, a print magazine and an online forum (, ELDR brings readers an opinionated and entertaining approach to aging. ELDR seeks to inspire the influential 60-plus audience to celebrate the joys, navigate the challenges and discover the meaning of aging.

ELDR is the first consumer magazine and online community created for the affluent and influential 60+ elder. Created from the word 'ELD' meaning a time in one's life when one comes into power and 'R' for revolutionizing the way we think about aging. ELDR's vision is to inspire and empower readers to live a more meaningful life, to celebrate the joys and to successfully navigate the challenges of aging.

ELDR Magazine addresses controversial topics such as “Right To Die” National Survey: Should Your Doctor Help You Die? (San Francisco, CA) – May 15, 2008 - ELDR magazine and released the results of a national survey of adults on the “right to die” issue or what some call “physician-assisted suicide.” The survey showed that over 80 percent believe the choice to end one’s life is a personal decision, with two-thirds of adults saying they want physician-assisted “death with dignity” legal, as in Oregon.

ELDR Magazine adds other thought provoking topics such as - Explores Sex & Intimacy Over 60 (San Francisco, CA) – February 19, 2008 - The third issue of ELDR magazine, named one of 2007’s “Hottest Magazine Launches,” gets hotter with an exploration of sex and intimacy over 60 years of age.

ELDR brings an enlightened, entertaining and sometimes edgy approach to aging through its reviews, articles and interviews, dynamic photography and artwork. Regular columns include ELDR Travel, ELDR Yoga and ELDR Tech. We also feature regular stories on grandparenting, caregiving, and staying mentally sharp, among others. ELDR offers fresh viewpoints on social issues and new ideas on health, fitness, finances and activism.

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